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Of all the insurance choices you will make in your life, choosing the right life insurance policy is among the most important. Life insurance policies help ensure that your dependents and loved ones are protected financially when you die. Even more than with any types of insurance, the process of choosing life insurance requires personal care. At Heiland Insurance Agency, our certified team is respected among the community as a trusted resource and professional destination for all your insurance needs. We will evaluate your unique financial situation and help you choose a policy that works for your family. Contact us about a life insurance policy in Temecula, CA today.

Matching Your Policy to Your Family’s Need

A life insurance policy is considered a necessity for most people who have any sort of dependents or beneficiaries. These insurance policies are designed to payout a “death benefit” to your dependents in the event of your death. This payout can be used any number of ways – to cover your final expenses, to provide financial security to help your loved ones with living expenses, or to pay for future expenses such as a grandchild’s college fund. Our certified agents work closely with you to determine what type of policy will deliver the payout you desire for your family with the right premium for your budget. There are two common umbrellas under which most insurance policies fall: term life and permanent.

Term Life Insurance

In exchange for your regular premium payments, term life insurance provides a death benefit payout when you die – if you die within the predetermined policy term. Most term life policies have a 10-30-year coverage term. One of the great benefits of term life insurance is that the death benefit that your dependents will receive is guaranteed if you die before the policy’s expiration date.

Another benefit of a term life policy is that your premium payments for a term life policy, when compared with permanent life insurance, are much more affordable. Because of this, most of our clients in Temecula, CA choose this type of policy.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance, as its name implies, is guaranteed no matter when the insured party dies. There are no expiration dates involved in a permanent life insurance policy. Instead, the policyholder pays into this policy over time and even earn dividends through investments. There are a few variations of permanent life insurance with higher and lower levels of risk in terms of how much your dependents will receive from the death benefit.

Permanent life insurance is costlier than term life insurance. However, it carries the added benefits of potential dividend gain and certainty that your dependents will be paid regardless of when you die.

Confidential and Understanding

Heiland Insurance Agency has the professional knowledge and respectful demeanor you deserve in a life insurance agent. We work with several high-quality life insurance companies to ensure you get the best rates and great options on insurance in Temecula, Murrieta and Riverside. Contact our team to schedule a consultation today and get a free policy quote.

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